Flow Regulating Dialysis Grafts

Current Problems with Dialysis Grafts 


Continuous, pulsatile high pressure, high volume blood flow throughout the graft and extremity veins causes:

    •Venous anastomosis stenosis (47%).

    •Native vein peripheral and central stenosis (47%).

    •Constant loss of Cardiac output

    •Loss of blood flow to more distal extremity (“steal”)


Graft comparison current grafts




VasoFlow Medical Improved Patented Design


VasoFlow Medical has patented multiple methods for creating a flow restrictive narrowing within the mid aspect of the graft which creates the perfect graft hemodynamics.


Improved Hemodymanics

1.) High pressures and flow are maintained within the distal artery eliminating “steal”.

2.) The resistance from the stenosis decreases the continuous loss of cardiac output.

3.) The stenosis:

  •  Decreases the venous pressure.
  •  Dampens the pulsation.
  •  Significantly decreases the venous flow rate.



Graft comparison current grafts VasoFlow graft