Patented Skin Care Fabrics

Studies have shown that fabric selection is important in preventing skin injury

– The VasoFlow Solution –

Background of Fabric development:

In a study by Gerhardt LC,(1)  it was noted that skin injury factors become increasingly important as we age with the conclusion:  “Adhesion is usually assumed to be the dominant factor in skin friction, but our observations imply that deformation is also an important factor in the friction of aged skin. In the elderly, lower skin elasticity and skin turgor are associated with more pronounced skin tissue displacements and greater shear forces during frictional contact, emphasizing the importance of friction reduction in wound-prevention programs.”

The YouthPerfect Fabric prevents skin injury

From the above information it has been shown that the forces that create skin injury are the shear stress on the skin and the direct pressure. The peer reviewed study from Xing, Malcolm M Q for the first time confirms quantitatively that poorly chosen fabric with inappropriate garment design renders adverse actions on human skin(2). Since that time there have been numerous published medical articles which demonstrate the correlation between fabric and stresses and their relation to skin injury(3).  One such recent study from Smith G., with 165 patients concluded that low-friction garment products have a role to play in the prevention of skin breakdown, and appear to be both clinically effective and cost effective( 4).

At YouthPerfect our patented solution to creating the anti-wrinkle pillow began by working towards eliminating sleep lines.  Initially, we reviewed both dermatology research and materials engineering data to understand the forces exerted on the skin. We then identified three external factors (shear, pressure and material bunching) as the root cause of skin lines and using mechanical engineering technique the unique, patent pending YouthPerfect solution was designed.  The patented YouthPerfect™ fabric eliminates the undesired pressures on the skin while maintaining the experience of using a normal feeling pillow.


 Consumer Anti-Wrinkle pillow case market, post-operative cosmetic surgery care, medical and consumer infant and adult blankets, wound healing and bed sores, diabetic non-healing ulcer with leg and foot pillows and long and short bed sheets.


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