Venous Filter

New, patented VasoFlow Venous filter

 For use with all short term IVC Filter needs and all Thrombectomy and Thrombolysis Cases!

              Place, Protect, Lyse and Remove!

Deployable by any physician in any location
Removable at bedside
No chance of migration or fracture
Eliminates the need for an IVC Filter during thrombectomy
Place, Protect, Lyse and Remove all through one puncture
Used during all venous thrombolysis and thrombectory cases
Use for all short term filter needs (trauma, ortho, bariatrics, etc…)
Removed immediately after Thrombectomy/Thrombolysis case
No need for second IVC Filter removal procedure
Numerous Patented and Patent Pending designs


Our Advantage:

Filter comparison 7-20-17
Infusion filter Web site
Deployment and RETRIEVABility
                              Amazing Holding Power!